Our Promise

Our Sustainable Business Practices

Biodegradable Packaging Material

Facing one of Cambodia’s biggest challenges, the rising amount of single-use plastic and garbage throughout the country, we follow a strict no plastic policy at our restaurants. What does this mean? This means that we only use biodegradable packaging material for take-away, bamboo drinking straws for shakes and smoothies, and only work with suppliers that are able to deliver all products in boxes.

Partnering with Plastic Free Cambodia

Plastic is replaceable! We eagerly support projects such as Plastic Free July by Plastic Free Cambodia, an initiative the social enterprise has successfully implemented by taking curious individuals by the hand and introducing them to a Plastic Free alternative in daily life. By the means of workshops, talks, quizzes and (Plastic Free) educational material, the word and knowledge is spread while participants accept the challenge. Learn more about Plastic Free Cambodia, their workshops, talks, and challenges here.

Partnering with EcoSence

Ecosense Cambodia is our supplier for eco-friendly packaging material and ally in the fight against plastic. Their products are made out of natural fibers such as sugarcane, making them fully compostable. Once in the garbage, the biodegradable boxes take no longer than 30 days to decompose, in comparison to a lifetime in the case of plastic. Learn more.